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Competition Info


The following registration information is confirmed.
  • Entries opened 14 November 2023

  • Entries closed (at regular rates) 21 November 2023

  • Cut-off date for any refunds (regardless of reason) 21 November 2023

  • Entries closed (with a financial penalty) 28 November 2023

  • No more entries are being accepted, sorry!


The syllabus for the 2024 All Ireland Championships - Oireachtas Rince na hÉireann was approved for distribution at September CLRG meeting, and can be found below, and on the Resources page

It is the responsibility of each participating teacher, parent, and dancer to familiarize themselves with the rules of the event.

Traditional Set Dance (for U10s)

Each year, a different traditional set dance is selected by the Music and Dance committee of An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha, and all competitors for the relevant competitions must perform the same version of that dance.

Watch a performance of the approved version of this dance by following the link below.


The 2024 All Ireland Championships - Oireachtas Rince na hÉireann syllabus, Rule 15, Page 4 states: "The traditional Set Dance to be performed in Competition 13 Buachaillí 9-10 (Boys 9-10) and Competition 34 Cailíní 9-10 (Girls 9-10) is Garden of Daisies - Tom Hill version." 

Here is the schedule of required Traditional Set Dances for the next few years:
2025 St. Patrick's Day
2026 The Blackbird
2027 Jockey to the Fair
2028 King of the Fairies
2029 Three Sea Captains
2030 Job of Journeywork
2031 Garden of Daisies - Freddie Murray version

*Specific versions of each dance to be confirmed by CLRG's Music and Dance Committee.


A days-only timetable was distributed/posted with the syllabus in mid-September.  The final timetable was added (below) on 4 January, 2024, and can also be found on the Resources page

Competitor Numbers

Competitor numbers and starting numbers will not appear in the program/journal.  Only the names of the registrants, listed in dance order, will be printed.

Competitor numbers will be posted to the CLRG Guidebook app, and on the Recalls and Results page, 45-60 minutes prior to the start of the competition (after adjudicators for that competition are sequestered, without any access to phones, smart watches etc.). 

It is at this time that dancers (or someone nominated by them) may begin to collect competitor numbers.  The designated area for collection has changed for 2024.  It will be upstairs, above the vendor and food concession area.. ​

Competitor numbers not collected once the competition commences will be destroyed, and those dancers will not be permitted to compete.  This policy is featured in the syllabus, on the timetable and on the website, and will appear on signage at the competition venue.  It is the responsibility of each participating teacher and dancer to ensure they are aware of the rules and procedures of this event.  There will be no exceptions!

Recalls & Results

RECALLS will be announced in each hall, then posted to the CLRG Guidebook app, and on the Recalls and Results page.

RESULTS will be presented on the main stage, and scores will also appear on the Recalls and Results page following the presentations.

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